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Sera Labs is the premiere CBD brand creating products that are natural and holistic, dedicated to health and wellness. Our relentless push for quality also allows us to offer the highest percentage of pure CBD in our products. We strive to produce products that will:

  • Help Fight Every Day Aches
  • Help You Feel More Confident in Your Skin
  • Have Anti-Inflammatory Properties

We strategically focus on the most advanced scientific practices along with the highest quality ingredients to provide a product that is both safe and quality-consistent with an effective value pricing proposition for consumers.

Sera Labs is dedicated to our customers so, we proudly grow and manufacturer all of our products in the USA. We use both full spectrum and isolate non-GMO hemp, organically grown without herbicides or pesticides, in clean, toxin-free soil and water. The hemp is then sent to an FDA approved facility for CO2 extraction. This process removes all metals and toxins while capturing the CBD hemp extract that’s 99% pure and rich in therapeutic benefits. Because we extract from the hemp plant, which has now been reclassified as an agricultural product, our CBD products are THC free and safe for consumption.

When you buy products from Sera Labs, you know that you’re getting products you can trust. We source the highest quality raw materials and have all our products tested by third-party laboratories for purity and consistency, allowing them to be a step above other brands. Our company’s goal is to provide products that are 100% safe to use and consume. We embrace holistic and natural ways to allow you to get on with your day. We at Sera Labs are dedicated to providing you with everything you’ll need to support your health & wellness journey!

All of Sera Labs’ fine products include CBD; from Tincture Oils, Gummies, Capsules, Pain Relief, and Pet Tinctures. Sera Labs’ newest edition is an amazing CBD skincare line that addresses all of your wrinkles and facial needs.


Saving Sophie is a 501(c)(3) non-profit focused on providing unlimited online educational resources to families who have been stricken by cancer, autism or epilepsy. With a mission to raise funds for groundbreaking cancer research, it is our goal to support scientists who are working towards bringing less toxic therapies to market. While Sera Labs is proud to support Saving Sophie and cancer research, our products are not designed or intended to treat cancer or the side effects of cancer treatment.

Sophie Isabella Ryan was born October 3, 2012, perfectly healthy weighing in at 8 pounds, 7.4 ounces. At 8 ½ months old, Sophie had her first MRI scan after her parents noticed her left eyeball was shaking. Sophie was diagnosed with a low-grade, Optic Pathway Glioma brain tumor. Doctors told Sophie’s parents that her only option would be a 13-month protocol of chemo in hopes to stop the development of the tumor. Chemo was never meant to get rid of the tumor, and doctors told them if they saw even minimal shrinkage it would be considered a huge success. That’s when Sophie’s parents decided to look for ways to save their daughter outside of just Western Medicine.

Sophie has been on high-concentrated THC and CBD cannabis oil since she started chemo in October of 2013. Starting off, the only side effect noticed was a little sleepiness, but that completely went away as she acclimated to the oils. Now, her only side effect is hunger, which is amazing since the chemo can affect her appetite. Despite several rounds of chemo, Sophie continued to gain weight normally and has a great quality of life despite having chemo once a week. Her hair has grown back, she is advancing developmentally, and despite the numerous blood transfusions, she is otherwise very happy and healthy.

After the initial 13 months of chemo and high doses of cannabinoid oil, Sophie’s brain tumor was approximately 85 to 90 percent gone, and a massive cyst that had formed was about 90 percent gone! Sophie’s parents were originally told that she would go blind in her left eye and that her right eye would likely be compromised. Because of the shrinkage from the use of cannabinoid oil, they saved her vision, and the doctors at multiple hospitals are now in agreement that the cannabinoid oil significantly helped her tumor. Though Sophie has been able to live out a longer than expected “normal” life, her tumor is, unfortunately, growing back. Sera Labs was moved by Sophie’s story and decided to provide aid by supporting research being done in the medical cannabis field. We hope to help Sophie and the thousands of child patients suffering from cancerous conditions.


Sera Labs A Leading Online Premier CBD Brand Receives Funding from ToroVerde Inc. CLICK HERE to read press release.

Sera Labs is featured in Green Entrepreneur. Check out this article and video where our CEO discusses ways to educate yourself when purchasing CBD products! CLICK HERE to read the article and watch the video.

Sera Labs was recently highlighted in the annual Vitamins, Diet & Nutritional Supplements edition of Mass Market Retailers magazine. Our CEO, Nancy Duitch, was featured in a Q & A where she talks baout what makes Sera Labs unique in the CBD realm. CLICK HERE to read the article. 

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