5 Trends in Springtime Skincare

5 Trends in Springtime Skincare

A Simple Skincare Routine

If it’s one thing people are ready for this spring, it is a sense of a new start. With pandemic restrictions starting to lessen, we are all eager to do some spring cleaning, and that applies to our skincare routines as well. While multi-step skincare routines definitely have their place, the trend this spring seems to be on simplicity and lightening up. Scale back from elaborate skin care routines that include heavy moisturizers and pick 1-3 key products that target your main skin issues and focus on those. Keep it simple!

Suggestions: Seratopical Revolution Clarity Foaming Cleanser, Harmony Toner, and Adoring Eye Serum

Supporting and Protecting The Skin Barrier

Another trend in skincare this spring is the focus on supporting the skin’s existing microbiome. Choose ultra-gentle products that contain ingredients that soothe the skin – ingredients that allow the skin’s lipid barrier to breathe and let the bad out while keeping the good in. Support the barrier with a healthy dose of naturally potent elements such as licorice root extract and coriander seed.

Suggestion: Seratopical Revolution Radiant Face & Neck Serum, Gleaming Brightener


Occasionally, when trying new skincare items, the skin reacts to new ingredients and breaks out or becomes red and irritated. This can cause hesitancy to try new products. Microdosing in skincare – using lower concentrations of key ingredients that will still generate a replenishing effect – is a great way to eliminate this issue. Quality ingredients at lower levels can still treat skin with age-defying benefits without the harsh side-effects (drying, redness, etc.) of higher-concentration ingredients.

Ingredients to look for: Coriander Seed Oil, Cranberry Seed Oil, Silk Amino Acids, Peptides (P3P Complex)

Products: Seratopical Revolution Harmony Toner, Freedom Day & Night Moisturizer

Clean, Environmentally-friendly Ingredients

The buzz about clean beauty is not going away any time soon. Educated consumers want performance with potent, luxurious plant-based ingredients. One of the most important new moves in skincare is formulations without alcohol. The old 2-step process was to strip the skin of all oil and then add moisture back in with a product. Better is to support the skin’s lipid barrier with soothing plant-based ingredients such as witch hazel, coconut water, and silk amino acids.

Suggestion: Seratopical Revolution Harmony Toner

Don’t Forget the Skin Below Your Chin

One of the biggest age giveaways is the chest and neck areas of women. It is very important to remember to pamper your neck and decollete when doing your skincare routine. There are specific ingredients that can help improve the elasticity of skin in these areas which will preserve the look of vitality.  One to look for is hyaluronic acid. This ingredient can attract up to 1000 times its weight in water, and thus helps preserve moisture as well as plump the skin. HA is naturally present in the skin, but due to aging and environmental exposure, levels drop as we age. Anti-aging formulas that include HA will help maintain and improve the moisture levels in aging skin.

Suggestion: Seratopical Revolution Radiant Face & Neck Serum

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