What does clean skincare really mean?


Is there a single word that will be defining 2022 for women, yes, the new word is CONFIDENCE! Confidence to be who we are, confidence to look the way we want, and confidence to challenge conventional beauty standards in fresh new ways.

In today’s society standards of personal wellbeing look and feel different than decades before and we seem to be shifting away from chemically treated everything. Along with the shift, came a new trendy term “clean beauty”. Now let’s look back even further to Nefertiti, who was a goddess of beauty and clean skincare and didn’t have all the chemicals we have today – yet she managed to have incredibly smooth, and beautiful skin. And guess what? She was using, “plant-based” clean beauty.

Clean Beauty

Clean beauty is marketed by cosmetic companies and social media influencers as an all-encompassing term for product created without unhealthy ingredients. Today every large chain beauty supply store has sections on their shelves and websites labeled “clean beauty”. The creation of the clean beauty movement was created out of concern for overall wellbeing. But are these products actually clean? And are they better for the environment and the consumer?

The clean beauty movement is a trend that is emphasizing the importance of beauty products that do not include chemicals that can be harmful or toxic to their face and skin. Why wouldn’t consumers demand products that claim to be better or cleaner to meet those standards? Shouldn’t you be choosing a product that has actual science behind the ingredients in the product and how it will work with your skin? Just because a product line claims to be clean doesn’t necessarily mean it’s more effective in providing the results you long for.  The technology behind effective skincare is just as important as the ingredients within the container. Seek companies and brands that truly study the science, then utilize the science to incorporate a proven delivery systems to ensure proper absorption.  Many companies that have re-engineered or crossed over to “Clean” tout incredible buzz worthy ingredients, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid, but did you know that just slapping such ingredients on your skin can be useless without a driver or delivery system.

Don’t forget the technology when seeking a new line.

How to tell if a product is truly clean

Companies can label their products to be clean, natural, green, or plant-based, but are they really? Its important that all consumers read the labels, go online and research ingredients that will help to evaluate what’s in a product.  Are they formulated for your skin type?  Is there a toxicity level for certain ingredients?

The message here is simple: any company can say they have friendly ingredients, but you should also explore the company saying it. Do they have doctors and chemists that have researched the “clean” field, and what makes their products better?

Knowledge is power, don’t fall into the trap of ingredients that aren’t really clean, or good for your skin.

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